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pearljampearljam Member Posts: 134
Could this get me through the CCNP and on to the CCIE using rack time to finish what I can't cover on the equipment?

Cisco CCIE WIRELESS V3.0 Full Home Lab KIT EXCLUSIVE on ebay | eBay


  • NOC-NinjaNOC-Ninja Member Posts: 1,403
    IMO virtual is enough for CCNP. It says on the ebay link "[FONT=&quot]With this great lab you will be able to get a full hands-on experience on 70% of the CCIE Wireless V 3.0 Blueprint technologies "

    When I created my lab back then, there was things that I didnt have. You just have to troubleshoot it. Im not sure about the new CCIE wireless version now but you can cross check it at the CCIE wireless blueprint. Check cisco or www.networkdojo.com[/FONT]
  • pearljampearljam Member Posts: 134
    How much has changed since you took your lab exam? What percent do you think you would be able to complete by just using your lab for the v3 exam?
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