Not certain what my next move should be

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Been almost a year since I've acquired a new certification. Hit a stopping point when I started on the MCSA, material is pretty dry and boring IMO. Trying to force myself through it because I would like to slowly move towards cloud technology and security. Have my certification path in my sig, starting to second guess whether MCSA/MCSE, and the RedHat certs are even necessary.

Currently my job experience is in networking but I'm not too sure I want to be involved in the networking side of IT much longer. Last job left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth since they had pretty poor infrastructure and everyday the sky was falling, pretty taxing mentally.

Looking to cut out some things from my certification path and make a move soon, all this time wasted is bugging me since before I was knocking out 1 cert every 2 months. If anyone who has experience in the cloud technology field could drop in and provide some input as to which certs are more or less necessary/unnecessary that would be great.

Goals: Network+ (Done) -> CCNA: R&S (Done) -> CCNA: Security (Done) -> Security+ (Done) -> ITIL v3 Foundation (Done) -> CASP (Done) -> CCNP: R/S (In Progress) -> CCNP: Collaboration -> CCSK -> CCSP -> CISSP


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    I would look up job ads that sound interesting and see what exactly they are asking for.

    Maybe Azure is hot in your area, or AWS is, or you see alot of companies asking for Linux experience. Look for positions you want, see what they ask for, learn those, and see if you can leverage your current position to gain some experience in those areas. Experience is king.

    Edit: Don't over think it. Companies put out a giant list of things they want a potential employee to have. If you can put a check mark by most of them you stand a decent shot at getting the job you want.
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    Would networking still interest you if you were in a more stable environment? Maybe look into SDN more because you already have the network background- I think that would get you moving into a decent cloud path.

    I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't acquired a new cert in over a year. Started working on the MCSA but it's so dry I kinda plodded along with the 70-410 for almost 6 months before failing it. Hope your new path works out for you.
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    Red Hat is pretty dry for me. For Cloud, AWS has a large market share.
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    I say stick with your current path for just a little bit. Microsoft just changed the rules for the MCSE making it more attainable and affordable. They won't make each test less painful, but four tests to MCSE is super within reach right now. Whatever you decide, let everyone in the community know, and best of luck!
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