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I have setup a few wireless networks and know the basic frequencies/speeds/encryption stuff.

Anything else i should know for the Net+ exam?


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    I would say:
    Differences between a,b,g, bluetooth and infrared (frequence, speed, range, encryption, interference).
    Know what AP is, Infrastructure and havoc modes, OSI layer of operation.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks, i did the exam today and can answer my own question with something i forgot to study:

    Know the difference between different types of antennas. Omni and directional.
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    1.7 Specify the general characteristics (For example: carrier speed, frequency, transmission type and topology) of the following wireless technologies:
    - 802.11 (Frequency hopping spread spectrum)
    - 802.11x (Direct sequence spread spectrum)
    - Infrared
    - Bluetooth

    1.8 Identify factors which affect the range and speed of wireless service (For example: interference, antenna type and environmental factors).
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