Juniper J2300 - USB media not found.

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Hi Everyone,
I picked up a Juniper J2300 off ebay. Its old but i thought it would be useful to lab with. My problem is that the USB port does not appear to see a USB device when plugged in. Here is some output below. Any ideas?

[email protected]% dmesg | tail
... stuff removed...
umass0: Generic Mass Storage, rev 2.00/1.01, addr 2

[email protected]% ls /dev/da*
ls: No match.

EDIT More output from the CLI:

[email protected]> show chassis hardware detail
Hardware inventory:
Item Version Part number Serial number Description
Chassis JN006955AA J2300
Routing Engine REV 07 750-009992 AA06138984 RE-J.1
ad0 244 MB 256MB CRR 246601C14A60660005 Compact Flash
usb0 (addr 1) UHCI root hub 0 Intel uhub0
usb0 (addr 2) Mass Storage 25479 Generic umass0

How do I mount that sucker?!



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