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Hi guys

Hoping for a point in the right direction, firstly excuse my ignorance as in all honesty Im still quite new to IT and only learned of a KVM switch through studying for the A+.

Now the situation is that I have a macbook pro and a Windows 10 desktop machine, I want it so I can switch between my W10 and pro quickly. My W10 is just a refurb I bought to practice on and learn more whilst studying for my A+. I am thinking of getting a KVM switch with support only for VGA connection as its all I can really afford, this wouldnt be an issue for my W10 client however my pro only has mini display port which I do connect to my HDMI tv as I bought the Mini display to hdmi connector cable. If I happen to find mini display to VGA connectors and plug it into the KVM would this setup work? Also is speed if switching delendant on the actual KVM switch you purchase?

Feel free to throw in any added info you think I should be aware of.

Thanks for reading!


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    If you buy a decent KVM, using a VGA to Mini-DP shouldn't be a problem. I have an iogear KVM, two port, that works great. It isn't the fastest but that is to be expected with KVMs.
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    Still searching for the corner in a round room.
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    Why not get HDMI auto switch? You get audio and picture quality is much better than VGA.
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    PocketLumberjackPocketLumberjack Member Posts: 162 ■■■□□□□□□□
    How about a software one? I use https://symless.com/synergy for my Ubuntu Laptop and iMac and it is the most amazing piece of software I own. Sets up super simple and leaves now messy configuration of cables.
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    Why do you need the KVM Switch?

    Your macbook is connected to your TV Via HDMI, do you need to connect it to a normal monitor that is connected to your PC?

    For me I have multiple inputs on my screen(s), The PC is connected through DVI and the laptop connected through DisplayPort, I just switch input on the monitor if I need to use the laptop.
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    paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Just my 2 cents, I personally wouldn't spend my money on a KVM for this use-case. Since you have a laptop and a desktop, you may find using a remote desktop solution to be simpler, efficient, and more cost-effective. Plus it would more likely simulate what you would see in the real world. I have a primary desktop and laptop and several servers and devices in my own lab. And my typical setup is to access all remotely via network. I do use a remote network KVM and a terminal server to access the console of some devices on occasion but for your setup - you won't need it.

    To access the Win10 system from the Mac - you can use RDP.

    Primer on RDP - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/clients/remote-desktop-clients

    If you use Win10 Home - you will have to use an RDP wrapper since Windows 10 Home doesn't support RDP server. I like this particular wrapper - https://github.com/stascorp/rdpwrap/ - you can google install instructions for rdpwrapper if you are unfamiliar with open source conventions. The RDP client on the Mac to access Windows directions are here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/clients/remote-desktop-mac

    The obvious advantage is that since you have a laptop - you can use it and access the Win10 desktop remotely. Note - don't use RDP over the Internet unless you know what you are doing.

    If you want to access your Mac from your Win10 desktop - you can use VNC which is a popular remote access tool. If you chose to use VNC, you can use it to access your Win10 desktop from your Mac as well.

    Good luck on your A+ studies.
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