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Hi all,

Im just new here, but have been reading posts for a while. I am in digital forensics but am looking to move closer towards security / information security / auditing and dont know where to start. Im in this really awkward position (well, its not that awkward, but let me be dramatic haha) in the sense of money being tight, new family and job wont pay for training. Self study seems the only option - thats fine, I actually really enjoy the challenge. But I dont know where to start. I want something that is really going to support the move in that direction so CISSP or CISM seem the options.

Money for resources and tests will be tricky, so I will have to scrounge as much freely available resources as possible. I genuinely want to learn the content not just cram, but also, im looking to pass with speed. I have june, july and August off so Im trying to position myself to get something in this time.

Just wanted to drop in for any words of advice, help etc. and to say hi.


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    What other certs/degrees do you currently hold? Don't you think it is kind of a big leap to jump directly into CISSP/CISM. Maybe do SSCP first, get more knowledge/experience in the Sec field and then tackle CISSP.

    Try to find study groups that will help you with the study material (I am not talking about ****). A couple guys at work pooled their resources and bought as much study material (CISSP, CASP, Microsoft, CISCO, Brocade, VMWare, NetApp, CEH) as possible. As they slowly added people to there study group they rented the study material for a couple bucks and also assisted the new group member with learning the material that was requested. They were all low level Systems/IA/Network guys who who wanted to Mid and Sr level positions.

    If you feel you are ready to jump directly into CISSP/CISM, allot 2~3 hours of study time per day for 2 months and from there spend the last month prepping for the exam IF the dry reading didn't burn you
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    HI Kaiju,

    I have a degree, masters and Phd. And a few specific forensic certs which I used when I was an examiner.

    That is such a good way of doing things, only the people I work would not get on board. There is no one in my area other than me who would drive this so I would have to go it alone. Which is ok, Im fine doing that.

    CISSP does seem like a big thing to do, but I think (or have convinced myself in my head) that I can do it as I have tackled other things and managed to get through - but by no means am i devaluing how hard the CISSP will be !!!

    Its frustrating as I am torn between cost issues. Part of me wishes I had a few people who I could work with but you cant have everything I suppose!

    I did think about Security+ but everything is so costly and I dont want to pay my way to the CISSP if I could just go straight to it with more prep

    ....i hope that kind of makes sense and doesnt sound crazy
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