Failed CCENT, several questions totally off my radar

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Hi all,

I just failed the CCENT. I got 813/1000, needed 832. Actually I thought I did quite well, and had confidence in my answers on even the larger problems, AND I finished quite fast, maybe 15 minutes left.

However, there were maybe 6 questions which I had no clue about. Before the text, the instructions warned that some questions were 'not graded' and were 'trial questions for future tests.' I could only assume these were the case while working- but obviously not.

Questions about port channels, 6to4 tunneling, HSRP, IBGP...

I primarily used the official Cisco book, simulator, and testing software. I am frustrated that these topics were not covered in the OFFICIAL materials, and I paid about $200 USD to take the test and I didn't even know I had to study for this stuff.

Any recommendations on where to pick up info on these "extras" which were conveniently left out of the book?


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    Hi Severance,
    We can't discuss the actual contents of the exam, but you are not alone in your frustration. Everything you mentioned is good stuff to know. You were so close! I always keep the latest exam topics from the Cisco website handy.
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    Thanks for replying.

    I'm not looking for the actual contents of the exam, but as far as I can tell those items are not in the exam topics. I was hoping for some advice about other study materials which contain other things I'd need to know. I could dive straight into CCNA stuff but I'm not sure that would help me any for CCENT.
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