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I need some advice about Active directory. In a previous company I worked for usernames syntax were a bit of a mess. For example Fred Bloggs was sometimes setup as Fred.Bloggs but then another IT technician might come in and create usernames in the format fbloggs. If another member of staff joined they might be Fbloggs2. I was always under the impression that it might be better to have it firstname.surname in order to prevent duplicate usernames. For example James.Smith and Jane.Smith as opposed to J.smith and J.smith1.

Is there a preferred syntax and what is the best method of changing usernames if for example you wanted to standardize the format/syntax rather than changing each username individuallly within AD?

Would you have to tell each invidual user of the change so that they type in the correct username on login?

thank you so much
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    Personally, I'd not change the current user's usernames as it will be more aggro than it is worth. You will have to tell every user of their username change (unless you can create an AD attribute on the object like a username alias? I've never tried or done it!.. this would also be kind of pointless as the user will still use he username originally given). This would also be a good case of "don't fix what is not broken".

    Moving forward, a set protocol to work against would be best. I'm a fan of the firstname.lastname approach as it's rare to have two of the same names in a business (unless you work for someone quite large). Over a period of time the username format will become generic, and as members of staff leave the randomised format will be no more. I should add, if you are using something like Office 365, keep the username and email address the same. I have seen places where a username is firstname@domain.com and email firstname.lastname@domain.com, this does get confusing for some users; so it would be wise to keep them both in "sync".

    If you did want to change all of the usernames, a tool like ADmodify would let you do bulk changes, but please be warned that this can screw up your production environment if you do it wrong and without the correct precautions in place. Admodify Tool - Download Microsofts's Windows Active Directory
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