607 question mode..?

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hi there, for everyone who passed the 607exam recently, congrat...

i'd like to ask a question.it's any fill in blank questions type appear on the exam.and what topics should i review more in order to pass for the exam.
i'm thinking to take the exam by end of sept...
thnks for any inputs....


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    I just passes the CCNA yesterday. I passed it on the second try. Got a score of 974.
    I did get a fill in question where I had to type in the subnet mask. I think I just got one as far as I can remember. Most of the questions were multiple choice except 2 simulator questions.
    I did not get any ISDN or IPX questions and only a few ones about frame relay. Important tip: keep an eye on that watch...I got done 2 minutes before the time limit.
    Glad I passed it :D ....my score was 770 on the first seating.
  • willitanhwillitanh Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks for the suggestion....
  • seth223ukseth223uk Member Posts: 158
    congrats icon_wink.gif 974 is pretty excellent mate, i have had 1 attempt at 785 just putting more effort into my revision and im goin for it again in a few weeks, the sims let me down.
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