CCNP R/S v2 Retirement Date?

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Would anyone happen to know when I could expect the retirement of the CCNP R/S exams (300-101/115/135)? It has already been two years since they retired the 642 series and I want to take a break from my Cisco studies and dabble in a different technology for a while, but I've already purchased all the study materials for all three R/S exams (books, videos lectures, physical gear, lab guides, etc) and, obviously, I wouldn't want that to go to waste.

I have two more years before my CCNA expires and thought it might be a good time to take shift focus. I just want to make sure I have plenty of time to do that before returning to dive deep into the CCNP.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.


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    No concrete confirmation yet. The current exam version is just around the midpoint, at about 3 years. If you have the time (you have the gear and materials already), I would start studying now and plan to complete the 3 exams within a year. When they do decide to retire this version, they usually give a 6 month window for you to be able to certify with the outgoing tests.

    I had the same worry when I was studying for my CCNP. Just to be sure, I was always reading the press releases and inquiring about pending changes with some of my friends who worked at Cisco.I was fortunate to complete mine in about 6 months. Don't worry it's normal icon_thumright.gif It's cool to know I'm not the only one who was worried about this haha.
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    Yeah I'd start now, the materials are so broad and detailed as it is, and Cisco doesn't seem to make their tests easier when they update them.

    So the race is on for me as well, I am hopefully about at the end of ROUTE, then power through SWITCH and TSHOOT and Im giving my brain a rest for awhile.
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    As it seems by Cisco's exam history, they're trying to move everything to a 3-yr renewal system. Those exams are already over 3 years old as of 1/29. I wouldn't pause here at this point just because of that impending problem ..... but then there's also the issue of the fact that if you take a break now, you'll have to do a complete refresh of the material when you start back up which will then add more time to your overall study plan. I see no need for that unless this "different technology" you want to "dabble in for a while" is extremely crucial for work. It just seems a waste of time to me - not the new material you'll learn but having to do the refresh of the material you already have in your brain right now. Then possibly all in a rush to try to make it by a possible cut off date. It just all seems like unneeded stress to me.

    Maybe just a small break instead? A couple of weeks? Maybe you're just burning out and need a rest.
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    I would study up. Even if they come in tomorrow saying they will retire the exam in 6 months it's not going to be a major overhaul. Most times Cisco makes small updates to include a handful of new items per test. CCIE is a different story though.
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    I would expect new exams within a year.
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    I'd disagree, Cisco isn't on a rotating schedule to update their exams, they are keeping exams current with real world needs for specialized Cisco engineers.

    The current routing infrastructure from what I've seen from enterprise networking to the exam is pretty on par, which is still a **** ton.

    Cisco isn't in the business of making money off updating every exam, they are pushing new products that require big money for licensing (Unified Communications / Security), and know there will be a need for certified engineers in those fields.

    Think of it in terms of how many products or changes have been made to R/S outside of CCIE level topics, on the other hand Unified Communications and Security has new products, that come with very expensive licensing as the money isn't in appliances anymore.

    I'd expect an update on the next major IOS release, but I am still double timing it just in case, I can't afford new technology!
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