Am I simply too worried?

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Hello all. First post here so please forgive any ignorance.

I have testing anxiety in general - especially when they cost you almost $400 per attempt - but fear I'm taking so long to study for the A+ that by the time I'm ready new info and questions and objectives will be added to the 900 series exams.

So far, I've only covered OS basics (MS, Mac and Linux) PC tools, motherboards, cases and form factors, Power supplies, hard drives, RAM, CPUs and BIOS/UEFI. Sounds like a lot but is it so much that having 128 flash cards I've hand written to study doesn't sound excessive?

My problem is retaining the info long term and every two or three days I go through all 128 cards and write new ones that I add to the pile as I continue studying. (I'm using a combo of Mike Meyers book, his Udemy video course and TestOut's PC Pro course. All of which are CompTIA quality approved).

I want to purchase some premium practice exams so I have a better idea of what topics and points to focus on and what isn't important in regards to just simply passing the exam.

Can you fellas recommend any practice tests - paid or free - that are most like the real questions on the exam? The free practice tests online all focus on different things and some even use different terminology That none of my courses have used. Example. Socket T is equivalent to LGA 775.

Am I worried too much about trying to focus on and remember every single detail? Money is not an object when it comes to success. So what are some premium practice exams that provide the most realistic simulation of the real deal exam? That includes look, feel, question bank and terminology.

Thanks guys! Once I pass this exam I hope to get into InfoSec after some more college courses and exams but hopefully I can remain on this site and help out others when they reach the point I've reached just now - panic and desperation. Lol.

Take care!


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    The answer is yes, you're simply too worried. Try to relax. I also have test anxiety... MAD, FURIOUS test anxiety lulz. It's really bad. The things I've learned to do so far to try to manage that anxiety are: pretending it doesn't really matter, pretending it's not really timed, pretending the test is free, pretending any score would pass. That's just what's been working for me so far.

    Personally, I don't think 128 flash cards are excessive, especially for something like A+ which has a lot of details to memorize. I've kept dozens of flashcards on much more simpler material than that.

    Just do the best you can. You can do no more than your best. Try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and maybe even meditation and try not to stress it. You can do this. Just take it one thing at a time and stay relaxed through each step of the process, and you should be ok.

    As for the practice exams, you might want to check out Boson. I've never used them for A+, but they're excellent for CCENT and CCNA. They're likely just as good for A+.
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    Thanks so much guys! Words of encouragement from people who have taken the test and at least even know what the A+ is helps a lot to be honest. None of my friends or family really knowanything about what I'm trying to accomplish or computer's in general haha.

    Also thanks for reading my long frantic post lol.

    I'm going to check out the practice tests both of you mentioned as soon as I'm done writing this reply! I decided last night at 2AM after looking through all the objectives that I'll only stress intimately learning all the details about the domains that take up a larger portion of the test like Hardware for the 901 and Windows for the 902 and just remember what I can for the ones that don't account for much like Operational Procedures and Mobile Devices. Does that sound like a good idea? I certainly know it's better than learning and remembering every minute detail lol.

    Once again, thanks for the help fellas!

    Safe Travels,
    R. Zarrillo
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    Sounds like a good idea to me! ... Just watch that troubleshooting on both exams. Good luck and keep us updated.

    Also, welcome to the forum. Personally, I think it's great having access to others who share your goals in life and have some of the same ideals, procedures, and outlook. It really helps a lot, in my opinion.
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    It most certainly does. I just hope there are other ways I can contribute to this forum somehow right now. I hate being a part of a community or group and not being able to offer anything except my own cries for help lol.

    I just checked out Boson by the way. It seems to match exactly what I'm looking for. I have yet to check MeasureUp but I will shortly. I like how in Study mode you can read a description of why your answer is wrong and the correct one is in fact correct. Unless MeasureUp is significantly better or significantly cheaper, I'll most likely buy the 900 series practice exams tomorrow when I get paid :D

    By the way everyone on this website and around the world mentions the Prof. Messer vids. I am watching them for some reason I just forgot to add them. I'm just not watching them in order. For example after I'm done with the TestOut PC Pro course's section on RAM I'll go watch his videos on all the RAM topics, same with CPU's, Motherboards, etc. I feel like learning the exam objectives sequentially in their original order would only confuse me lol.

    I wonder how many hundreds of of index cards I'll have written by the time my studying is over though... lol

    Thanks buddy,
    R. Zarrillo
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    one of the things that wendel odom suggested in his book about ccna was to use mind mapping to study. there are some courses on udemy for mind mapping.
  • MontagueVandervortMontagueVandervort Senior Member Member Posts: 399 ■■■■■□□□□□ is also great for anyone who likes flashcards. There are some games on there that one can use to memorize info too.
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    I'm in the same boat as you, OP, in regards to flashcards. I've got a good grasp on the knowledge for A+, but I feel the trivia like aspects are rough.

    I try to see letters in numbers to help me remember things. Like, I remember tcp/22 is Secure Shell because the two 2s kind of sort of look like s's. tcp/23 is telnet because the 3 sort of is like an e. t3ln3t. Socket B is the one with 1,366 pins because if you smoosh the 1 and 3 together they look like a B... Weird stuff like that has helped me to hammer in some of the memorization stuff when I go over the flashcards. Some are a big stretch, but it does help.
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