Where do you get experience (for people that have experience)

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The title may sound a bit confusing, but it's the truest I could make it. Where do folks that are in IT roles with experience find/get the experience with industry standard tools in order to try and get a more cyber focused job? Things like FireEye, Zscaler, DLP, HBSS (Intel Security Manager/McAfee/IBM), etc etc.

I work in an environment where I have some access to these tools, but it's not my sole responsibilities and I have to take hours of training in order to get access. Just wanting to see what others have done in situations similar where you're wanting to transition from one IT discipline to another.

EDIT: I've been doing some vulnhub type of stuff, but these jobs are wanting tools experience more than pen-testing/flag capture type of stuff...so...technical, but not THAT technical.

Thanks in advance!


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    Some of these products have webinars or training on sites like Pluralsight. Some offer free or low cost lab VMs that you can use.
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    I've definitely been on some webinars, but it seems that it still isn't meeting the hands on experience mark. I'll have to look into the lab VMs for some of these. I did attend a local ISSA meeting where IBM did a great overview on one of their security suites, but not enough in-depth "this is how you import policies" or "this is where you create rules" etc. Just seems that while Cyber is one of the most sought after job markets in need of talent right now, it seems that the entry into it is harder than anything. A few entry level jobs around here want a CEH or CISSP, which is think is doable and obtainable, but I don't know if I'd call them entry level. Seems like my next goal should be to get something along those lines as it'll open up some doors.
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