Endorsement Question

EJMADELINEEJMADELINE Member Posts: 34 ■■□□□□□□□□
Page V-1 is confusing. My current supervisor of 1 year is going to be my verifier. Would x's in all of the yes boxes be correct? Question 3 specifically talks about being willing to verify experience outside of their organization. He for sure can as I turned in all sorts of official documentation detailing my responsibilities during my military service and previous employer and he also talked with both. Just wondering about your opinions on this. Or, would I be better off having someone verifying my last two employers? I don't want to repeat this process!


  • TankerTTankerT Member Posts: 132
    I had my current employer verify my previous employment experience. It was not a problem. (He is knowledgable of my previous experience though, so if questioned, he can answer...)
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