Security+ Passed! SSCP/CEH next?

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Just sat for my Security+ exam tonight and passed! I honestly thought I did a lot worse. I've been in IT for a little over 3 years now and security for 9 months, so I'm not even close to being a veteran yet, but will get there in time. I studied for about a month by reading Darril Gibsons book, taking his practice tests and honestly just googling each topic in CompTIA's exam objectives. It wasn't the MOST efficient study method, but I just wanted to take a crack at it. If I can offer any suggestions to anyone looking to take this exam (or any other exams really), is to just pick a date on the calendar and schedule the exam before you even start studying. It's what I did and it really pushed me to put in the 2-3 hours a day and know all the material I could absorb in that month or so.

Also, I wanted to solicit feedback on what additional certs I could/should pursue going forward? I'm still technically new to the ITSec field, so something that can broaden my foundation, but also get more in depth with technical knowledge. So far, I've looked into SSCP and CEH, but have heard mixed things about each.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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    1st, congrats on the cert.

    2nd, i would say it depends on where you want to go.. For what it is worth: i am currently studying C|EH, and it seems to be Security + material along with knowing the cyber kill chain, steps in a pentest, and tools such as nmap.

    C|EH also has mixed reviews in the infosec realm, however, it will get you past HR. I am getting it because my employer is paying for it..

    My 2cents
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    Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.
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