skillset review- is it worththe money

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has anyone used the to prepare for the cissp exam

is worth the money


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    I bought a 3 month pro account to skillset and used it to get 100% readiness. They have a guarantee that if you are 100% ready and you don't pass, then you can get a free retake. That is why I did it.

    Now, is it worth it? I believe it was. I spent a lot of time looking up concepts and really understanding each question that was presented. Some of the questions are a little obscure since they are questions made by members. In the end, I learned a lot from doing the multiple choice questions and retaking the exams over and over again. The essay questions were the same thing. If I didn't know the answer, I did research and that helped me greatly. The responses I got from members on my answers were not very enlightening though.

    What was the value I found? Using it as a study resource. If you go into it knowing you have a lot to learn and you really leverage it as a tool, its good.

    Please note that I didn't make skillset my only study source. I read both of Eric Conrad's study guides, did all 1300 questions in the ISC2 CISSP practice test book, and used flashcards from the ISC2 official CISSP app and a CISSP flashcards app on my android device. I have over 10 years as a manager in the industry as well. I did pass on my first try.

    IMHO, its a good source. Get it if you want to take advantage of the retake guarantee, but don't make it your only source. I found much more value from the ISC2 CISSP practice test book and Eric Conrads 11th hour study guide and the ISC2 official CISSP app.
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    I see that trancender is teaming up skillset but I am not sure if its the same thing

    I was interested in skill set because they claim they only focus on what you dont know and cut the study time in half
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    I do firmly believe that nothing replaces experience in the field when it comes to the CISSP. So many of the concepts I learned by being an IT Manager, IT Director, and Infrastructure Manager really helped me pass the test. I would say that my experience was just as important as the material that I studied. So it depends on your experience level.

    I would not use skillset as my only source. If you were only interested in it to save time studying, then I wouldn't invest in it. They did focus on my weak areas, but I still didn't feel 100% ready when I achieved 100% readiness on skillset.
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