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After some help please?

I'm looking if anyone knows of any software ( preferably free ) that lets you clone windows 7 to dissimilar hardware? the disaster recovery site we use is upgrading all their kit and tell us to do an image from scratch which is not practical due to the software we have setup. Up to this point we used acronis universal restore 2013. I'm told 2014 isn't that good.

Whilst this may sound suspect its for a specific purpose using a volume licence key for 48 hours max, we don't register, then the machines get wiped.

Main problem is different chipset, usb3 support and SSD from IDE and usb2.

If anyone can offer an alternative I would be grateful, trying to avoid building a full windows deployment server.

Many thanks


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    Just a thought, but you could do a physical to virtual migration and run it under hyper-v (free version).
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    thanks for replying but basically we need to have this image working on new kit then the DR company rolls that image out onto 100+ physical pcs.
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    You need to run sysprep before you capture the image. Check the Windows 7 deployment site for info regarding drivers and other issues.

    For non-WDS and free solution, you may want to check out Clonezilla. Probably create a bootable Clonezilla USB thumb drive with your disk image on it. Take note that this is a non-trivial task. I still think it is faster to deploy OS image across the network.
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