I passed the MALC

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That is all for now as I still can't breathe! icon_cheers.gif


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    That is one hard test. Do not go in unprepared, it is giving money away if you do. I don't know if I have decompressed it enough to have any good words of wisdom. The exam is all over the map, as well it should be, I suppose. Learn the case study, you do not want to waste any time having to read and reread the case study...I actually had a recording of the case study that I would listen to on my way to work, before bed, etc, for a week or so and that really helped me to memorize as much of it as I could...again, the exam finds every nook and cranny but having a good understanding of the case study will go a long way.
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    work hard and give your best
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    Congratulations! Great news icon_smile.gif
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