Passed 901 + 902

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First time poster, frequent reader. Today I passed the 901 and 902 exams to earn my A+.

Some helpful advice to those seeking the cert. Get hands on experience if possible and take as many practice exams as you can. I am a level II support specialist and was familiar with most of the topics except networking. The hands on training I did with my network team helped me more than anything. I also did close to 1000 different practice questions along with reading the A+ all-in-one book and the A+ certification passport by Mike Meyers. You can do it! I'm on to Security+ and Network+ to complete the trifecta.


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    Congrats, I too just passed 902, and to anyone preparing, I would also recommend ExamCompass as well as the CompTIA practice exams. Nothing can replace real-world experience, but simulation labs are very helpful too.
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    Could you please give me your advice, i was reading CompTIA A+ Complete Review Guide by Emmett Dulaney [h=1]Exams 220-801 and 220-802, and i'm checking out now All in one comptia a certification exam guide 6th edition mcgraw hill-2007 ( that you recomended )and i noticed that it has around 1200 pages. I don't have problem with reading all that but before i start with it, could you please advise is that book enough to learn everything you need to know to pass the exam? How long did you study for the exam?[/h]I'm working on job 10-6 so i can study maybe one hour per day + weekends so i needed to check with you before i even start reading it
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    I recommend the A+ certification passport by Mike Meyers over the All-in-One. I read Meyers' book cover to cover and would go into the All-In-One to skimp on the same topics and use the practice questions. If I were to do it over again I would do what I am doing for my Network+/Security+ and that is,

    - Watch Professor Messer Training Videos.
    - Take notes on said videos
    - Read the same topics in the Passport Books
    - Create some flashcards
    - Take as many practice exams as can be found.

    My employer approved the certifications so I can study for about 2 hours at work. I took an assessment to see what were my weaker areas and I focused more on those. I did two hours a weekday and 3 to 4 hours on weekends for three weeks.
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    Thanks! Will do so. I was also watching Cybrary videos, and i find them helpful too.
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    First time poster looking for advice....

    Was in Tech world from 1997-2007 as an MCSE doing everything from Network Admin, Desktop Support, to Web Programming with HTML and Java. Quit a state job to have a family and haven't worked in IT in 10 years. (I have been part time administrative support for 7 years)

    I am now trying to figure out how to jump back in and the A+ certification seems the most logical place to start to at least get me an entry level job to start over. Thoughts on best way to study for A+ for someone who has a technical background but just is lacking in all the massive changes that have happened in the last decade. I don't really have time for on location classes but I am looking for the best self study methods. Any advice from current IT professionals would be appreciated. Thanks
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    do you have to know all 11 cpu types for intel and amd? and sockets?
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    Certifications: A+, N+, S+, CCNA: CyberOps, eJPT, ITIL, etc.
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    Definitely. I suggest creating flashcards. 6 Intel, 5 AMD, and AMD are split between FM and AM. Divide and conquer!

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    Good job, your journey is just beginning. I hope the best for you!icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats !!!!.

    How do I get those items to prep for the test soon?
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