GNS3 Nic card that allows trunking anyone recommend for my Home PC?

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Hi guys,
can you guys recommend a good NIC card for trunking to my switches for GNS3.
I have no clue what would be a good NIC card so I can interface GNS3 to my switch Stack and allow trunking?
I dont want 10 nic cards just want 1 NIC that allows full trunking of vlans? anyone have any idea which cards are best?


  • ande0255ande0255 /threadkiller Banned Posts: 1,178
    Out of curiosity is this a white box you built? Or a laptop requiring an adapter?
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    Intel has several cards that can do vlan tagging.
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    not a laptop. it is and hp tower. thanks I just get nervous when you guy a card it says 802.1q but it only carrys 1 vlan i need trunking or vlan tagging . thanks dudes :)
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