Passed Network+ , my advice.

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Hello all!

Passed the Network+ today with a score of 742. Feel amazing! icon_lol.gif
  • I prepared with Exam cram guide and prof messer videos.
  • Practice tests with Transcender (very helpful to prepare)
  • Took my notes from exam cram and wrong answers from Transcender tests. icon_study.gif

I think the exam was easier than I anticipated, and I could have got more had I prepared better in the last few weeks.
(I have a full time job and I couldnt devote much time)

The exam is easy in the sense that the questions were all different than the ones I prepare, but the way to solve them was relying on fundamentals. Lot of IP subnetting and know your ports. Prepare your basics well!

Next up is Learning linux commandline for me (I wont be giving exam) and going on from there.

Thanks to this forum for the motivation to go after a cert. Feels fulfilling. Good luck to others going for it. Prepare well and focus on basics, you will be doing well!

Avoir! Merci! :)


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