CCENT Topics when studying for ICND2

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Hi guys,

I passed the ccent a couple of weeks back and have now moved on to icnd2. Just finished LAN topics and am now movig onto ospf.

was just wondering if anyone could advise me on how I can keep ICND1 topics fresh in my memory whilst studying for ICND2.

I dont want to look like a fool in any possible future interviews if Ive forgotten the basic stuff.

Has anyone else had to deal with this?


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    Keep labbing and any topics you are unsure about, re-visit them such as reading or watching videos.

    Repetition is important.

    It's like learning a language, if you don't use it, you will forget it.
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    I would try to focus on remembering things like Subnetting, VLANs, NAT, and ACLs.
    These are used more for more detailed stuff in ICND2, CCNP exams and other side CCNA certs as well.

    These things even show up in Microsoft books and all other vendors. I would make sure at least those aren't forgotten.

    As long as you keep moving forward with ICND2, youll be fine. I wouldn't focus too much on stuff like IOS licensing or upgrades, or DHCP.
    Things like Router on a Stick is a concept to learn, no need to try and always remember those commands.
    Other things like base router configs (passwords and setting up ssh, locking down vty ports etc) just come with creating labs. Wont be too hard to forget.

    Just keep going to ICND2 and you'll find out what is valuable and what was just to teach concepts.
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