ROUTE on Friday, take this week off to relax and review?

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I've been going at videos / labbing after an 8-9 hour work day for the last 3-4 months, and I'm trying to swallow a few more INE videos for BGP that are filling in some cracks of knowledge like Peer Groups and filtering, but otherwise does anyone really just mash the gas until exam day?

I've been running myself into the ground to hammer away at all the details of all the topics, and I was going to take Thursday night off but cram until Wednesday, but I don't think I want to do that either.

I think I'm going to review my notes without really labbing (but have it on in case I do need to lab a concept to confirm syntax or something), and not really do anything else except await my fate on Friday.

Is there any point in really hitting a topic hard with a few days left before exam day? I feel like I've been running at top speed Since December, and I am out of breath, this stuff is getting hard to digest.

Definitely taking a week or two off once I finally pass before going to SWITCH to let my brain defrag, I don't really need any insight as the topic is just anecdotal, but I'd be interested to hear how others approached "that week."


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    I think you have a good plan, but personally, I'd still do some labbing, as well. Configuration is important, but verification is equally (or more) important. Knowing the different show commands and what their output displays is going to help you a lot.
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    Yeah I'm kind of slowly labbing BGP as I've all but forgotten it, and was going to skip so much the videos and rather study my own notes as they are pretty decent from Chris Bryants material, I think Keith just adds a bit.

    I always make sure to know at least 2 ways if possible to verify the same information though, as you said I know how important it is, if you find one of them disabled on the exam, I've had that year and years ago on a CCNA and I felt "locked out" of the answer on a simulator and of course failed.

    That was a hard lesson to learn, but prepared me to know those verification commands and how to kick stuff into gear working (like doing soft clears in BGP).

    I'm just gonna slowly read my notes and listen to Keiths few topics I've not heard in Bryants material, and spend the last few days on BGP before exam day, with a little IPv6 Migration terminology / address identification review and I think thats it.

    I'm confident in my odds of passing, but there is so much material that could be touched on a Fail grade won't break my heart, I fully expect to fail this exam a time or two before passing (but I'll keep scheduling that thing every 2 weeks until my savings is empty if I have to in order to pass).
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    Usually on the week of I don't really do any labbing. Labbing in my opinion is one of the major tools for learning. Once you feel comfortable with the topics you have labbed and feel you have a good grasp of the subjects I don't see where it is needed further in your scenario. My week of an exam has always consisted of doing cram sessions with reviewing notes and videos.
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    Yeah right now I'm just letting Chris Bryants BGP videos play straight through the entire section, kind of writing down key points to commit to memory, but once I started the deep dives into LSA types / OSPF Router types / different methods of filtering / etc I found at the end of it I couldn't remember BGP rules for the life of me like next-hop-self and now getting into Local Pref.

    Keith B wrote out a comparison chart of the different ways Distribute-Lists function between protocols, I'd imagine its like trying to explain how the word their / there / they're means three different things in english.

    I am so hoping for a Pass on Friday, either way pass or fail I'm gonna be doing some shots after the exam, and when I wake up hungover get back to the grind :)
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    Did you pass?! Where are you currently in your studies?
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