Objective 4.9

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I am taking the test 5-3-06 and doing some last minute rundowns on weak topics.

Does anyone know if we have to know the steps of the troubleshooting strategy 1 - 8 from objective 4.9? I havent heard anyone mention it and the books I have read (Sybex, EC2, etc.) have touched lightly on it so I didnt spend too much time on it.

I am having the most problem with topics like 3.1 and remembering what software goes with what. icon_sad.gif like GSNW going on a Windows server or NetWare server and things like that. Other stuff I feel I have down pretty well.

Thanks to Johann for a great site and everyone here for all of the help and support. It's this site alone I was able to pass Security+ as well as I did, and now I am moving on to Net+ (and then 70-270)
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    It varies from test to test of course but you'll need to be familiar with it. Mostly I remember questions involving troubleshooting senarios and having to pick which step would come next from different answers. But if you're comfortable with troubleshooting in general (i.e. doing it in real life) you shouldn't have any problems.

    Mostly stuff like you had a pc in this office and it worked fine, the pc was moved to a different office in a different building and now it can't connect to the network. What would you check first. -- The pc boots but can't connect so we know the pc itself is fine. If the pc connected at the previous office the network card should work also. So the next step would be to check the TCP/IP settings (most likely a different subnet in the new building). So you would look for an answer along those lines. Just relax and think about it logically and you'll do fine.

    I also don't remember too many questions regarding Novell or Unix systems but there where some. Again it'll depend on the questions you draw. I had a couple about Apple systems as well.

    Good Luck.
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