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For those who have passed both the Sec+ and SSCP, would you say the SSCP is similar in difficulty? More difficult? Less Difficult?I've decided I want to take the SSCP to get a feel for (ISC)2's exam style and to create a path toward the CISSP. The SSCP's minimum passing grade is 700/1000 compared to Sec+'s 750/900, so not sure if that plays into the difficulty since they each have a different number of questions. Any feedback on your experience is appreciated!


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    I think SSCP is a little more challenging. I took my Sec+ some years ago. There are definitely similarities. I'm now preparing for CISSP. Having SSCP should help.

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    I had thought about doing your route, but I was advised to go straight for CISSP.

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    I did SSCP in Feb 2017. It went very well. I didnt do Sec+ as I feeled it was redondant. My goal is to have the CISSP soon, so I did write the SSCP test to get the feeling.
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    If you passed security + then passing sscp should come easy. Its a little bit harder . Remember its a longer exam.

    I took sscp after security + now i am studying for cissp
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    I sat for SSCP about 8 months after passing Security+. The SSCP exam seemed more challenging and stressful. The way the questions were written, I felt I guessed on a lot of them. They really weren't similar to any of the practice questions. There is a lot of crossover between the two. It was good to get a feel for ISC2's testing style.
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    Thanks everyone.

    I feel like the number of questions doesn't really bother me as much since you get more time for the exam. I purchased Darrils AIO book to review. Is there any other resources you recommend? Other books, online videos (I'm already on Cybrary), online practice exam sites?

    Hoping to knock this one out in 45 days or so.
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    I just passed the CISSP and was thinking about going for the CCSP next. I did a lot of self studying. I think the Sybex exam questions gives a good feel for the complexity of the questions on the CISSP exam and the Cybrary videos are helpful if you're not familiar with all 8 domains. I would say try for the CISSP.
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    If you've passed Security+, there is no point in taking the SSCP.
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