CISSP Passed 5-20-2017 (Thanks to TechExams)

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Hello all,

I typically don’t post on forums and discussion boards, but I signed up this week because I had to express my high regards for this platform. The posts I read here were instrumental in my passing of the CISSP exam on Saturday, May 5th. Without violating isc2 code of ethics, I want to explain a little about my process. I have 10 years of IT experience in network and security operations. I have started preparing for the exam the first week in March 2017. I came to this forum and read dozens of posts and comments about study material, methods of retaining the information, and key domains to focus on. Listed below are the resources I used that were highly recommended in this forum. I studied about 2-3 hours a night. After reading each chapter in Sybex, I completed the chapter review questions in the book and online. Once I was done with the book, I started taking the Sybex online practice exams. I went back to review the chapter material for the questions I didn’t fully understand. Once I started scoring above 80% I knew I was ready to sit for the exam. I read the 11th hour book the week of my exam as a refresher. Some good advice for the exam:

1. Get a good night’s rest before your exam.
2. Take breaks during the exam to relieve stress from your brain and eyes. I took almost the whole 6 hours to complete my exam, but I didn’t feel rushed. I marked the questions I was not 100% confident in and returned to review those at the end.
3. The questions in the Sybex online practice tests didn’t appear on the exam, but they helped me understand how to breakdown the questions and eliminate incorrect answers. For each question, it’s good to know which domain it falls in, the process/method/model being referred to, and what answers stand out that do not fit within those two categories.

Sybex CISSP Official Study Guide, 7th Edition
Sybex CISSP Official Online Flash Cards (access included with book)
Sybex CISSP Official Online Practice Tests (access included with book)
11th Hour CISSP Study Guide, 3rd Edition

I hope my post helps others that are perusing this certification and GOOD LUCK!!!


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    Thank you for your insight, and congratulations!
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    Steady as she goes! Nice method and congrats!
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