Virtual Hacking Labs

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So I've recently bought a 3 month subscription to virtual hacking labs. It comes with course ware and access to labs which consist of about 30 machines (I can only assume at this stage that more will be added).I'm a total noob when it comes to pen testing, the course material is pretty easy to follow, you aren't spoon fed anything and does not contain any spoilers for labs. I am about 3 days into the labs now as I've tried to first complete all the course ware material first... my curiosity of what the lab environments look like got the better of me so i jumped in and managed to get privileged access to one of the beginner boxesicon_cheers.gif.That being said I was wondering if anyone else on TE has subscribed and if you'd like to start up a "study group" icon_study.gifto bounce some ideas of one another. If anyone has signed up and is interested please PM me.p.s - the guys behind the scenes at VHL are pretty awesome and were available to assist and answer any questions or queries i had pretty quickly!:)


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