Passed 740

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Completed it in about 40 mins. I've been putting it off for WAY too long... Anyways, I studied for about 2 weeks using Mike Meyer's 5th edition A+ Cert book. It's about 1,100+ pages thick.

I totally skipped reading the DOS section (37+ pages - I relied on my DOS guru skills from back in the DOS/Win 3.x 386 days), the networking section (80+ pages - I relied on my Network+ training from a year ago), and I skipped the Internet section (46+ pages - I just relied on my knowledge of the Internet based on everyday experience and tech support I did a few years ago).

I think the experience definately helped. I didn't sweat on those sections at all. The memorizing of different locations of certain specific files for different versions of Windows and specific switches were a pain in the (where the sun don't shine) though.

My advice to you guys: Do the practice tests, lots of 'em. They do help. And do not just focus on one source alone. I noticed some are WRONG. So make sure you go through different sources and read the explainations. They will help you a lot.

Tomorrow, I'll go for the Core exam :)

Then Security+, Linux+, MCSE, CCNA/CCIE (CCIE - I can dream right?) hehehe, then my masters degree.


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