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I recently passed the CEH exam and plan to go for the CISSP soon. I'm interested in a two CompTIA certs in the interim and was hoping to get some input.

First the CSA+ interests me. It's seems pretty similar to the CEH, but with a defensive slant to it. However, it's new and with already having a CEH not sure it's worth the investment in time right now. Curious to get input here on future value and whether I'll learn much extra after the CEH.

The other one is the Linux+. I have basic Linux skills, as I've been using it one and off for years, but never at a pro level. It's either for a project like my Wifi routers or for tools and testing with things like Backtrack or Kali. In in a past job I setup a Linux boxes for Firewalls and FTP servers. I lack scripting skills however and would like to correct that.

The Linux+ is a "good for life" cert and that appeals to me, but the two exams are a turn off and the whether the cert has much value is another. However, I know I would learn a lot studying for it and once I have it I have it.

So with that said, would I best served working on CSA+ and Linux+, foregoing one or just passing on to the CISSP?

I do want the work on my technical skills more, considering I took a long break from the field before coming back a few years ago.

Appreciate the input.... Cheers!


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    mjt29 wrote: »
    So with that said, would I best served working on CSA+ and Linux+, foregoing one or just passing on to the CISSP?

    I do want the work on my technical skills more, considering I took a long break from the field before coming back a few years ago.

    I would look up jobs you want to go into and sound interesting and see exactly what they are asking for. Most security positions I see ask for CISSP + experience/skills specific to that position.
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    I am not sure the CSA+ would have too much value at this time. Maybe going forward in the future, just not now. As for the Linux+, maybe consider getting the LFCS or the RHCSA instead. The LFCS seems to be a lot more of a hands-on exam than the Linux+ (I have it queued up for the next cert after CCNA: Cyber Ops). It also appears to be more command-line focused. The Linux+ exam had fill-in-the-blanks that were so poorly worded you didn't know whether to give a command or a command plus switches. One of the good points about the LFCS is that it fills one of the two exam requirements for the MCSA: Linux on Azure certification. Linux plus cloud...a good combination. The RHCSA has a much better position in most markets than the Linux+ or the LFCS. That is why I recommended it, as well. Not to mention, it is a practical exam as opposed to the typical "learn the RedHat way in order to answer these multiple-guess questions" that we see all too often.
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    I've had success talking about the CSA+, simply because it's so new. Everyone wants to know about it, and it's easy to highlight that skillset when talking about it. But, that will only last for so long, as it becomes less new, people will be less intrigued by the "brand new" certification. It does have a very similar knowledge-base to the CEH, so you could probably knock it out in just a few weeks, since you just finished CEH.

    You could also consider the CASP, which has a bit of an overlap in material with the CISSP. It has more technical questions than CISSP (you mentioned you wanted to work on your technical skills), and then you could roll right into CISSP from there. And with the CSA+ and CASP, you'd only have to pay the standard CompTIA fees, which you already pay to keep Sec+ active, so they're both kinda like good for life certs, since they won't cost any extra icon_wink.gif
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    I would agree with EnderWiggin on considering CSA+ next. With your CEH knowledge, CSA+ would likely be a basic review, and since you also have had Sec+ you could probably earn the CSA+ with minimal study. The benefit of doing CASP next is you don't have all the pre-reqs of years in IT Security domains, etc., as CISSP requires...unless you're doing the Associate of CISSP cert. Still I'd probably do CSA+ then CASP, then CISSP if you have the cashflow as I think the CSA+ and CASP material would help prep for CISSP.
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    Thanks for the input everyone. Tough decisions. I really don't know what I'm going to do.
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