Anyone using Avira AV/suite?

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Would like to hear what you think of it? I have used AVG for many years, but each update continues to be more and more of a resource hog. Avira looks great on paper with the site tracker( sites tracking you) vpn, and more. Who is using it?
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    I tested it about 2-3 years ago and found it to be quite resource intensive. However more recent reviews from the likes of AVcomparitives and avtest seem to rate it highly in the system impact stakes. Perhaps it has got better in the last two years. I personally use bitdefender,adblock plus and protonVPN (I was lucky enough to get a beta release). I prefer to seperate out the apps rather than take the eggs in one basket option. I'm curious whether Avira uses HTTPS interception and whether this is on by default and can it be disabled. Hopefully someone who uses it can also comment on this feature? it seems a lot of Av manufacturers are throwing this suspect feature in nowadays. Bit defender have it enabled but I believe it can be disabled.
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    securityorcsecurityorc Member Posts: 58 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I have it on one of my computers. I've been a Kaspersky user for many years, but the latest version seemed a bit too resource intensive on a 4GB machine, so I decided to test one of the free solutions. I tried Bitdefender, but the free solution is just a scanner and has no quarantine feature, it kept deleting some executables from my reverse engineering labs. Then I tried Avast, which I usually recommend to friends looking for a free AV, but it gave me a black screen at startup. Finally settled on Avira, and I would say it's decent. It's not a resource hog, but I only have the AV module installed. The other features you can choose to install, and maybe it would consume more, but as it is, I would say it's really lightweight, especially when compared to Kaspersky.

    What I don't like so much is that there are popups appearing sometimes with the suggestion of upgrading to premium. And the update process is annoying, it doesn't happen in the background like most AVs, no, a window appears and takes the foreground, and then it tells you to restart the computer, which seems highly unnecessary for a definition update. And the max duration you can choose to postpone before it reminds you again is 1 hour.

    The "feature" that intercepts HTTPS (for your safety of course), is called Scout Browser, so just avoid installing that. At least they are more transparent about their so-called features than others like Comodo, whose latest update messed up my Windows and threw in some crapware without asking me. Now I have to search for a new firewall icon_sad.gif
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