Did anyone NOT complete all of the labs?

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I just received my voucher for proctor you. In the email it says "EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification status of candidates who attempt the exam without completing EC-Council official training or abiding to EC-Council Certification Polices found on *their website*.

Does that mean I can get my cert revoked if I don't complete all of the labs? Has anyone taken the certification without completing all of the labs?


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    Interesting question, looking forward to the answer.
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    I did one lab. Everything else was done via self study using my own resources (books from Amazon). But, I went through WGU, which I believe is considered an official training source (still had access to the EC-Council labs and training). I did one lab and very little training using their own materials.

    I have the CEH and the CHFI.
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    I asked EC-Council and they said no, the labs don't have to be completed.
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