Best way to deploy operating systems

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I'm in need of some help please. Can anyone tell me what the best or most feasible methods of installing Windows 7 on computers numbering about 100-150?

can it be done using WDS or SCCM?
or barts PE

I've never done this before. I'm looking to learn how to do it and how this software works as I have an interview next week for an IT job (it's a fairly intermediate roll) and think they might ask this. If I have at least a basic idea of how to do it then it would be very helpful. The roll does involve experience of deploying Windows OS but I did write in my cover letter I've not done this.

thank you.
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    WDS/MDT and SCCM are both common ways to image computers. Check out the TechNet virtual labs, there are labs for configuring MDT and SCCM in there.

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    UncleBUncleB Member Posts: 417
    It will depend very much on how many different types of configuration you will need and what skills you have on hand to script the jobs I'm afraid, so isn't an easy question to answer without the information.

    If you have a simple range of models of PC to deploy to, there isn't much variation on how the computers are configured with software, storage, accounts etc then WDS is an obvious choice - a bit clunky but cheap and cheerful.

    If you have a complex environment then SCCM is a better choice - so long as you have the skills to write the deployment packages customised to the requirement and so long as the rollout staff are consistent about setting the computers in the right collections to get the necessary jobs deployed.

    It is a big ask to learn, chose a mechanism and design it at such short notice so you need to go back and gather requirements before committing to a solution. SCCM is probably too big an ask without previous experience so find out if they have the resource to do it or consider recommending getting a consultant in to write the jobs to your specification.
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