Your Cert + PMP = +Ks salaries

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    I've heard the PMP is a great cert to have, but I personally wouldn't get it unless I wanted to go into project management. I doubt those salaries are very accurate either. Just depends on location and X years of experience. Simply getting a PMP doesn't mean you will get a $30k+ pay increase.
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    Speaking as a Project Manager who will take the exam at one point, let me offer my .02

    The misconception about Project Management by many people on these boards is that it's easy because of the title when it's actually pretty complex if you're working on large scale projects. If it was intended to be easy, then there wouldn't be a discipline of IT dedicated to its function akin to Network, Virtualization or Infrastructure.

    The PMP is a good certification for PMs but does not mean it makes someone a solid Project Manager. The same way that a CCNA does not make someone an excellent Network Engineer. Experience, like in every facet of IT will always be of more value than certs but its when you have the right combination of experience, education, and certifications that you really see a jump in your salary.
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    Yeah, being a good project manager is probably super hard. Problem is many people have experiences where the PM is clueless about technology, overpaid, and generally not productive. You shouldn't even need to be that technical if you have the right people.
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    These numbers feel misleading to me.
    AWS = some money
    AWS + PMP = even more money

    Is the first salary for AWS project managers? That's unclear. If it's not then the numbers are deliberately misleading. I'd then suspect someone has a vested interest in promoting the PMP. I'd then decide that, whoever Global Knowledge is, they should not be relied upon for accurate surveys.
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    I agree 100%. Know a lot of PMPs and they're making bank. A lot of orgs feel comfortable having a PMP certified individual running their projects. A PMP isn't a guarantee that a project won't run off the rails but if they can identify things that may go wrong with the project and address them early on then they could easily save their company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in rework, so the extra cost is not noticed.

    IMO, The CPA and PMP are more important in those industries than our tech focused CCNAs and CISSPs. In our field those certs are nice to have but we don't actually need them before doing any work, in finance and project management, well, you can't actually be a _state licensed_ CPA without passing the exam, so it's kinda different, but the PMP is very much the gatekeeper to more lucrative PM jobs.
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    I can definitely see the value in someone with a tech background going into a PM position. Most PM's I've worked with have been awful because of their lack of technical knowledge. Also, most PM's I talk to about the PMP say its not all it's cracked up to be (just like most tech certs icon_lol.gif).
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    Not true.


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    That's such crap analysis. +1 Unix
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    I wish it was this easy to get an extra $30k p/a.
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