Suggestions on what to do with an "intern"

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I was just informed that I'm supposed to take the owner's son under my wing for a while since he's on summer break and "interested in computers." Any suggestions on what I can do to keep him busy but still have him feel like he's learning something meaningful? I'm a department of one, so anything is fair game.


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    What about computers interests him? programming,networking, ect. I would start with that first....
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    I always put them to work building computers and installing operating systems. Sure, there are automated ways of doing it but I think it's important experience. Bring him along when you perform desk-side visits so he can see just how important soft skills are in this job.
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    Coffee runs.

    I'd start out with having him sit with you and see what his knowledge level is and go from there. Making a list of tasks without knowing what you're working with probably isn't the best idea.
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    Coffee runs... Getting lunch... Fetching things from the printer... Dry cleaning runs... Getting car washed... Looking up reviews on things I'm looking to purchase... Delivering flowers to the wife the next day after I come home too late... Interns are awesome!
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    No clue what his skill level is or what he's majoring in at his university, so I have no clue where to start. I got a sense that he might be a CS major but I don't know that for sure.
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    I would ask Bill Clinton...LOL!
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    Train him as any other employee, but realize he's very green. He was 'hired' without experience and he's going to gain that there. Start with the easy stuff, find out how he learns (hands on, challenges, etc..). I can be thrown into a problem and figure it out. Some people need to be shown everything before they'll do it. Some are in the middle.

    Start with building/imaging PC's. He can watch you do one, then you watch him do one. After a few, he'll be damn near an expert (that's the easy part). Have him shadow you on support issues - fixing printers, etc.. Have him do some and if he has questions (he will) to ask. After a while, he'll start fixing the easy stuff and come to you for the more difficult stuff. I'd keep him away from AD and system admin stuff (or very limited access - password resets, etc.).

    It takes a lot of patience, but if he's really interested, he'll figure it out on his own and want to learn more and dig deeper. I think a lot of it is going to come down to what kind of person he is. Is he "good at computers" or is he "good with Minecraft and League of Legends"? Does he want to learn or does he want a paycheck? Does he realize he doesn't know everything (even the best of us realize that)?

    Good luck!
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