Passed 05/25/2017

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I passed!!!

I only used Sybex's CASP book to study on and off for about 3 months. I read the book from cover to cover.

I am a programmer with 6 years of work experience, but I am also well-versed in IT-related things. I am very familiar with security and networking, but I don't work much with either at my job.

Many questions were common sense. I got quite a few that showed log outputs. Lots of questions asked about abbreviations. The simulation questions weren't very difficult.

I would like to get another security cert. Which ones do you suggest? I was thinking about CEH or something related to web application development, which I do at work.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    I would think CEH would be a good next step. It would provide a validation of another set of IT Security knowledge from another organization. Note that it appears the CEH content is similar to CSA+, so if you get CEH you might look at CSA+ as well if you're seeking to enhance a resume for a future career move.
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