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Hi All,

Is this the correct place to post about the above topic or is this just related to the old voice cert?


LAB - 4 X 2651XM's 1 X 2620 3 X 2950 1 X 2509 AS 1 X 3550


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    Yes, correct place. A bit of a ghost town of late though :P
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    thanks for the reply. I have a CCNA rack had for a while just wondering if its any use for the CCNA calloboration?

    I have a mix of 2651xms, 2611 and 2621 routers and 2950 and 3550 switches? All running code no later then 12.4. Would i need Ios 15?


    LAB - 4 X 2651XM's 1 X 2620 3 X 2950 1 X 2509 AS 1 X 3550
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    Yes since making it collab instead of just voice, it took a huge nose dive in this forum, I think it should probably be renamed CCNA Collaboration but what do I know :)

    You will need I believe at least two 2801 routers with T1 / FXS and FXO cards to simulate POTS and Dial Peers, and you need to make sure the switches you buy are not "inline power" but true PoE to power your phones.

    Also you will need a host (server / badass laptop) with ESXi or VirtualBox running on it that can simulate trial versions of CUCM, CUC, and CUPS servers so you can do phone and I assume with the video side of things Jabber setups as well.

    Those will not be easy to find unless you know a guy that knows a guy with access to these images.

    To ultimately answer your question, none of the gear you listed will work for any part of a collaboration lab, unfortunately :\
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