Newbie needs advice?

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Hi, I've posted on a couple of related threads but I have been advised to start a new thread, so here goes...

1 - I am currently in law enforcement, but the standard of training we receive with regards to cyber and infosec is poor. As the nature of crime is moving more and more to the online arena I'm looking to source relevant training and qualifications myself, with one eye on the future and possibly a new career.

2 - I have been advised that CISSP, CISM and CISA are the way to go, but I wondered if there was a recommended order to do them in? I ask as I understand that without an IT background I may not qualify for CISSP registration?

3 - Also, I hear mixed ideas about whether the Comptia A+, Security + and Network +, and the CEH qualifications are worth persuing first, given my lack of IT background. I see myself as being more in the enforcement, strategy or management arena given my age and wondered what advice or perspective people here could give me?

4 - Are courses and bootcamps worth the money? I'm happy to pay for good training, but it's been suggested that I buy the relevant qualification text books etc. and use resources such as cybrary and then take the exams under my own steam. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Any help or pointers are very greatfully received!
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