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Thanks for the answers to my questions and for the technotes on this site!

I found it be a basic exam and nothing to fret too much about(although 693 is not a very high score, but it's safely past the passing mark)

Most people would probably be good to go if they spent a few days reading the textbook through all the way, review/study the tech notes for a couple days, then run through some practice exams.

I've never setup corporate networks before(just a couple few home ones), To study I used and old sybex book(borrowed from someone/being thrifty), technotes from here, free-tests.com and mcmse practice exams.

I do plan on setting up a Linux and Windows server at home so i can actually learn some of this stuff instead of just memorizing numbers and such.

Off to Linux+ which I'll probably be much less "thrifty" with as the OS is fairly foreign to me so it will take some time to get used to. I'm not certain I'll buy a textbook for this one, but I'll be sure to use the many free on line resources and user groups.


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    Good luck on the next exam!
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    Nice, another Net+ guy in town.
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    Congratulations! :D
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