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Just passed the test today morning . The test was not that hard compared the amunt of time i put into it b. I have used Gibson book + Practice tests . I have studied 2 hours a day for 3 weeks . I also have some IT experience which help me to review most of the materlias quickly . I had 72 Qs including 6 SIMs ( WAP Configuration + Access control + Attacks on the DB server + Somthing you know/have/you re.... +Types of Attacks.............) , Questions were not that hard but also not that easy . I would recommend to understand the materials then review the Comptia Objectives and then use practices test , i think its OK to use the **** as a method of learning as long as you have a full understand of the exams objective , Please dont waste your time ,effore and money just relying on the premium **** . You ll hurt yourself and all other true certified people .

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    I know you didnt get the same questions from the **** as I heard comptia was pooling maybe a couple thousand questions into their pools as a countermeasure. I still would highly advise against it. Your studying gets effected negatively if you know youll rely on it.

    so congrats. I hope you remember all you've learned so that your cert holds value.
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    Be aware of what information you post about the exam. You could be breaking NDA by providing the topics of the sim questions you had...

    Just FYI...
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    This is for educational purpose. I have heard the same as CiscoInferno mentioned above. One of my colleagues failed twice in A+ reading ****; he has more than 5 years of working experience. If CompTIA plays with 10000 questions then no one is gonna take the exam wasting their money and soon the industry will fall short of Security professionals.
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    My colleague fall short of 20 and 28 respectively in both the times.
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