ISO 20000 Foundation bridge exam with an ITIL background

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Anyone have an idea about how much preparation would be needed to sit the ISO 20000 Foundation exam or bridge exam, coming into it with an ITIL background (ITIL Expert). Are their significant shifts in terminology or other variances that warrant prolonged study or can I sit this with minimal prep?


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    The topics of the Foundation Bridge course include:
    • Core concepts of Service Management and quality frameworks
    • The Service Management System (SMS) and the value and application of the PDCA cycle
    • High-level concepts around service design and transition
    • Objectives, activities and quality requirements of the service management process
    [h=3]Exam Details[/h]
    • Number of questions: 20
    • Pass mark: 65% (13 out of 20)
    • Open book exam: no
    • Use of electronic devices permitted during the exam: no
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    Thank you for posting.

    I did sit and pass the Foundation Bridge Examination last week icon_cheers.gif.

    I didn't do any specific studying for it. I will not use that approach if I decide to sit the Expert version. The ITIL information is helpful but by-and-large, ITIL is a non-prescriptive set of 'Hows' while the ISO 20000 is more of a definitive set of 'Musts.'
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