Passed the CISSP today!! Endorsement?

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So I finally passed thee CISSP on my second attempt! and now I need to get this endorsement thing figured out. I dont know any CISSPs so that might be a problem.

I am thinking of doing directely through ISc2 but I have a quick question....How direct does your experience have to be?

I have been worked as a business system Analyst for a financial software company for that last 5 years. at the company
I am not a security professional there but at the company we do have to follow change management, release management procedures as well as patch management. I also perform regression tests and unit testing for the this enough experience? how much of each domain do you actually have to be engaged in?


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    Your work experience has to be verifiable if they want to dig that deep. I actually just copied and pasted a section from my resume that accounted for 4 years. I used the sec+ as a 1 year filler.

    My resume contained bullets that matched 5 domains. My reference from my old job (currently my new job) said nobody ever contacted him.
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    thanks for the info...were you working in security? who do they talk to at your company?
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    Just fill in the endorsement application honestly and accurately. If you have the minimum required experience, it shouldn't be problem. Get HR and your manager to sign a letter confirming your work.

    Positive references from colleagues, managers and HR will help in the slim chance you're audited.

    Congrats and Good luck ;)
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