MCSA Server 2012 DONE!

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Hi all, yesterday i JUST passed the 70-412 on my first go to get my server 2012 haha!
I'm wondering do you get any type of ID card or certificate from gaining it? I remember when i passed my CCNA, Cisco sent out a really nice case and hard paper certificate.

Another question...I work 2nd line for a very large company in the UK, i'm wondering now what type of jobs i should be applying for with a cert like that one now? Whats the obvious and natural ones?

Thanks in advance everyone


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    Congrats! That's what i'm talking about !icon_thumright.gif
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    Cheers, what type of jobs do you think i should be going for now realistically?
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    Big congrats to you. Having done the ccna first like me, do you feel that it's much harder?
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    It's just different isn't it. It depends on what you're into more, i have to admit i do prefer Cisco more and networking so in the end (especially the 412) in was getting to be a bit of a slog. But i'm thrilled that i've done it but i have to admit i do really wanna pick up and continue my Cisco certs and goals now after finally having done it
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    First of all congratulations! Secondly, unfortunately Microsoft actually makes you PURCHASE your ID cards and certificates! Yeah, you pay all that money taking the exams and then you still have to buy the certificates and ID cards. You can download and print them off for free, but to buy the "professional" prints it's something around $15 I think. I can't remember how much the ID card is but if you login to the Certification Portal you'll see a place to buy everything you need. I can't speak about the UK since I live in the US but typically people who get the MCSA use it to apply for SysAdmin type jobs... Again, a big congratulations and good luck with your job search!
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    Congratulations, that's heck of a way to kick off your summer. icon_thumright.gif

    As for the types of jobs you should be looking for, with both your MCSA and CCNA, I'd say you're in a good position to nail down mid-level sysadmin jobs that either require a lot of "hats" (different skillsets in one, like networking and AD, for example,) or pushing to focus on a specific area. A good skillset to work on now would be PowerShell and possibly Azure, if you're interested in continuing on the Microsoft path. A good start right now: go search on various online job-sites with the term "MCSA", and see what pops up.

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    Congrats buddy! Working on my 410 now. Hope to get the MCSA someday.

    I know Cisco doesn't do cards anymore. Just paper certificate. I think mine is in the attic somewhere haha.
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    Congrats on the cert.
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    Hi! Congrats for that!!!

    I'm currently studyng for the 70-410. My goal is to achieve the MCSA Server 2012 by the end of this year.

    About what kind of job you should apply It depends on your experience, but you could be a server administrator, level 3 supoprt on windows server, pre-sales engineer.... Those are the jobs that come to my mind first!!

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