New to AWS and want to learn it and get certified

has786has786 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
I've decided to stop learning vmware and start learning AWS instead. I need some help in choosing a path and strategy so I can start learning it easily. I don't want to spend too much money on labs, I just want to control the experiments. I think I might look at youtube and build the labs in AWS


  • dony2015dony2015 Member Posts: 27 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Go to Linux Academy and register for their free one week trial and see how good their resources are. I am using them and I have scheduled my first test in a week's time. Very good place to learn.
  • has786has786 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    All I need is Linux academy, everything is on that one website for wanting to learn all AWS stuff?
  • leboratoricalleboratorical Member Posts: 46 ■■■□□□□□□□
    There are Architect, Developer and Ops roles- in order to say what would be best for you, which of those three would you be aiming at?
    Do you have Linux experience, or experience in either of the three? Where are you trying to go/what type of job do you want to do? I mean, you'll be doing 'it' on AWS, but what is 'it'? That'll help to decide path and strategy.
  • has786has786 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    im only doing L1 and L2 support icon_sad.gif. TBH I wanna do the whole lot all associates and both professionals. Theres plenty of jobs in London for AWS, and contracts pay high. But I need to get myself into an AWS environment where all I'm focusing on is AWS.
  • has786has786 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    No linux experience apart from home experiments. Might go for a basic administration cert. Idk which one?
  • mjnk77mjnk77 Member Posts: 164 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm looking at doing all 5 myself. I'm going to be learning Red Hat along with AWS.
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