New job, working with Teradata.

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Anyone had a chance to work with Teradata? I am still waiting for my access to get approved. I cut my teeth and have been on T-SQL since I started working with database, only other exposure was Oracle using Toad in college.

To make sure I keep my current skills up on MS SQL, I loaded up the AP database from Murach and literally will be stepping through all 700 pages. It doesn't align perfectly with the certification route, but it has a crap ton of info.


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    Just a heads up, in the data warehouse world this is really the gold standard. It's more of an appliance than RDBMS.

    Parallel processing makes this beast scream. Each process has it's own AMP, basically a SSD, which the parser distributes too. So instead of one bulk run, the parser breaks up the query and distributes along the AMP's. It's really high end technology.

    Out of my comfort zone, but I've buddied up with a seasoned vet and a really nice guy. Currently working through data model which will take a few tries but once I get that down it will be on....
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    Budding up is essential with how quickly things change and to be honest, you're lucky to have someone there to turn to. Not that you do but never be the one that is afraid to integrate and ask questions. Sometimes being out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Check my recent posts.

    Keep your chin up until then. You'll get it.
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    Thanks AIG.

    Appreciate the warm words. I agree, it's just going to take sometime. Head is up, ~90% figuratively, heads down 90% literally.

    I'll check in on your post, most certainly interested in your progress.
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