Passed CISM today(30/05/2017).

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I passed my CISM today. I did not get any print out of my initial result after the test, an email will be sent to me with my detailed result in 10days time.I attempted CCSP(Failed) on 19th of this month got 695, so was in rhythm regarding my infosec studying took me 10 days to prepare and I used the review manual(read only 65 pages then got bored) and Cism dba question from ISACA(was scoring around 85%).

Went to the exam center, never had this sort of a experience. The receptionist took me to the test room, 2 available pc's were in it. I asked her aren't you going to verify my identity and stuff like that. She told me she doesn't know anything. I sat down and at the login screen it was asking for my Last name and my Email address. I entered those things, got an error that your test is supposed to start in between 9.45 - 10.15 (10 AM exam time). Waited for 15 mins and then tried again, a messenger box popped up stating my exam code and I should enter that code. Entered the code, clicked next Picture was taken (Btw the lcd had 2 camera's infront of the screen, one my face another one the desk), after picture next came the ID verification. There was a mini ID scanner in front of the screen, scanned my ID. After scanning my ID it took about 1 minute then got a message that ID verified via my picture. Then another message popped up saying the guy will be monitoring me via the camera. After that finally the exam started. Btw I had my cellphone with me the whole time in my pocket.

Exams content was quite similar to the CISM dba, I was fairly sure that I had passed the exam before the end. I flagged only 3 questions. Also during the exam since i haven't slept for more than 24 hours, I had severe neck pain Iput my head down for 10 seconds when I got back up and looked at the screen there was a message to keep watching the screen at all time during the exam. After finishing the exam, I got the pass message and your result will be emailed in 10 days.

Went to the reception for any sort of pass confirmation, she said she doesn't know anything. And that is about it. The testing center was based in Melboure (lots of noise, there was some sort of a class going on right next to my room could hear the lecturer the whole time). Overall 3/10.


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    Congrats Talhaansari!
    May I know how many questions from the ISACA DBA has come out in your exam? I am Planning to rrsit for the exam
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