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I am not quite sure if many of you are aware but AWS is pushing their own courses under the AWS Academy umbrella. As an Adjunct faculty member at my local community college, I hope to teach the AWS Cloud Computing Architecture course this fall as a Continuing Education course. It will prepare students to take the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate exam.

Currently trying to get the right price for the course, when complete the student will be able to take the AWS Practice exam for free and a coupon for 50% discount on the actual exam.

The course is done through AWS's own LMS and Labs. I will update this thread with any updates I have.


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    Thanks! I would like to follow along.
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    As a potential AWS Academy Certified Instructor, I am currently going through the same curriculum the students will be presented with as a student myself. It looks like most of the documentation and all labs are done through qwiklabs, currently, there are 17 Advanced labs. Qwicklabs is really good at walking you through each part of the lab, with detailed information on each section. The labs are done on AWS through their student console, which is created everytime you start a new lab.

    My proposal package was approved this last Thursday by Distance Education, to begin my first course this fall.

    Here are the course description and course outline.


    Cloud Computing Architecture is an AWS Academy curriculum designed to help students develop technical expertise in cloud computing and prepare them for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam. The curriculum is delivered through instructor-led classes, hands-on labs, and project work. Students have access to course manuals, online knowledge assessments, hands-on labs, a free practice certification exam, and a discount voucher for the certification exam.


    UNIT 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

    § What is Cloud Computing?
    § Leveraging Cloud Computing
    § Cloud Economics and Total Cost of Ownership

    UNIT 2: Getting Started with AWS

    § AWS Compute, Storage, and Networking
    · Lab: Creating Amazon EC2 instances with Microsoft Windows
    · Lab: Build Your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Launch a Web Server
    · Lab: Working with Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

    § AWS Security, Identity, and Access Management
    · Lab: Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    § AWS Database Options
    · Lab: Build Your Database Server and Interact with Your Database using an Application

    § AWS Elasticity and Management Tools
    · Lab: Scale and Load Balance Your Architecture
    UNIT 3: Architecting on AWS

    Part 1: Introduction to System Design

    § AWS Essentials Review
    § Designing Your Environment
    · Lab: Deploy a Web Application on AWS
    · Group discussion: Forklift an Existing Application onto AWS
    § System Design for High Availability (Part I & II)
    · Lab: Making Your Environment Highly Available

    Part 2: Automation and Serverless Architectures

    § Event-Driven Scaling
    · Lab: Using Auto Scaling with AWS Lambda and Lifecycle Hooks
    § Automating Your Infrastructure
    · Lab: Creating an Amazon VPC with AWS CloudFormation

    Mid-curriculum project

    § Decoupling Your Infrastructure
    § Designing Web-Scale Storage
    · Lab: Caching Static Files with Amazon CloudFront
    · Lab: Implementing a Serverless Architecture with AWS Managed Services
    · Group discussion: Build an Environment for a New Web Application
    Part 3: Well-Architected Best Practices

    § Introducing the Well-Architected Framework
    § Well-Architected Pillar 1: Security
    § Well Architected Pillar 2: Reliability
    · Lab: Multi-Region Failover with Amazon Route 53
    § Well Architected Pillar 3: Performance Efficiency
    § Well Architected Pillar 4: Cost Optimization
    · Lab: Launching EC2 Spot Instances with Auto Scaling and Amazon CloudWatch

    Part 4: Deployment and Implementation

    § Troubleshooting
    § Design Patterns and Sample Architectures
    · Lab: Using AWS Services to Enhance a Web Application

    Final project
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    Very cool. Where can someone sign up for this. How much does it cost?
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    Yes!! Where can I sign up?
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    The community college is called Central Texas College, it will be under our Continuing Education Program and the student will receive a certificate with 3 CEU's. The coordinator is looking at pricing the course at 399 but we are still scoping the right price. My first class will be around the beginning of October 2017. I will continue to update this thread with any new information and the link for sign-up when it is ready.

    I might not have mentioned this previously but I am AWS Solution Architect - Professional Certified and I am one cert from getting all 5 AWS certs. I also work for Amazon Web Services as a Solution Architect, which means I intend to add some of my real-world experience in the class.
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    Subscribing for updates. Lets us know when it goes live.
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