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Hello all,

I'm working on 2012R2 70-410 but want to read into few areas in 70-411 but it appears Don Poulton did not release a book for 411 so I'm clueless what would be a good alternate resource. I do have CBT Nuggets but I want a book as well, anyone have any recommendations?


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    The book I used was the official training guide. Yes the one with 3/5 stars on amazon. After that I reviewed with a digital copy of the official exam reference.

    There's a difference between "having" and subscribing to cbt nuggets. If you aren't a subscriber, look into a week free of cbt nuggets. They have the best labbing environments for you to try out. The new revised 411 course literally just got released.
    Also check out plural sight and google how to get a 3 month trial for that as well.
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    I am subscribed to CBT nuggets... Yes I seen that but I get discouraged by reviews so maybe I'll give it a try, not many other options from what I can see. I'll look into plural sight 3months would be more then enough to review their videos.
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    Mastering windows server 2012R2 by Mark Manasi, Pluralsight was a better resource for me than, cbt nuggets. and lab,lab,lab. for this one espically you have to lab.
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    The new CBT Nuggets 70-411 course with Garth Schulte is brilliant. Miles ahead of the old James Conrad one. Plus you get labs.
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    1. Find a good source for video learning. My company provided SkillSoft (sucks). I personally used CBT Nuggets. Awesome series.

    2. Supplement with textual information. I used two books that I found at a discount bookstore...there are a number of universities in the town so I found Mastering Windows Server 2012R2 and the MCSA Windows 2012R2 Study Guide both used. I would also read the technet articles recommended.

    3. LAB! My company supplied me with a Win10 Enterprise laptop, so I installed Hyper-V and created 2012R2 VMs. Then I installed each service as I learned about it and used exercises from both books and CBT Nuggets.

    4. Be systematic. As I learned about a service (ie: DNS) I watched videos, then did my reading/research on it, then labbed it. I tried to learn as much about it as possible before I went on the to next item.

    5. Practice tests! I used Transcender practice exams to get used to the testing environment. And I like their flashcard ability. When I got a question wrong, I went back to my VMs and my research to understand why I chose wrong and why the correct answer was correct.
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    greg9891 wrote: »
    Mastering windows server 2012R2 by Mark Manasi, Pluralsight was a better resource for me than, cbt nuggets. and lab,lab,lab. for this one espically you have to lab.

    I been waiting for this too. I have other material I been reading but this books like it's a good one. We wills see when it comes out.
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    The Microsoft app store has a few practice test apps developed by Wayne Hoggett. These are free to download and use on any windows mobile device or computer running Windows 8 or later. These tests can supplement any other materials and hands-on work you are using.
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