Done with iLabs for CEH

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I could have did like half of this stuff on my own.

I think these labs are sort of worth it if someone is really new to studying Information Security. But there were tools that I've never heard of and don't really care to use in the future except for a few tools.

The labs were straight forward for the most part. I found myself having to look around the screen because the screen shots that the course has doesn't have any kind of notification as to what to look for. Say the instructions tell the student to click the "forgive all" button and there are ten other buttons on the same window in small font.... icon_neutral.gif Well a read circle would have been helpful.

I couldn't complete some of the labs because either I was missing something or couldn't find it. Also a had a computer freeze from time to time, even after the restart. So I ended up not completing the lab.

I went through this stuff in 5 days... The labs will give an estimate of time where the lab should be completed. I had to double that for the first few labs.

The labs aren't worth the price.

I still have to read the books icon_neutral.gif But I might take practice tests instead to get a feel of where I'm at. I'm also gonna see if I can get access to the CHFI labs as well since I took a forensics class at university. Hopefully a lot of the stuff will be review.
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