Talk me out of the WGU MBA IT Management Program...what should my next steps be?

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Well guys, I finished the MS:ISA program at WGU earlier this year. I just passed the CISSP exam earlier this month as well. Five years ago, I had a checklist of Goals for myself, and I have checked off each item in the past five years. Now I'm trying to figure out why my next steps are, and this site has always been helpful in that regard.

Honestly, years ago, My educational goal was to become the first person in my family to earn a Bachelor degree. I achieved that, and decided that I wanted to be the first person in my family to earn a Master degree. Now, I'm thinking long-term. Where do I want to be in 20 years? What can I do to make myself stand out in the job market in the future?

I've decided to go for the CISA and OSCP within the next year, but I want to work out a three year plan for my Certification/Education goals. Eventually, I would like to sit the CISM when I have enough Management experience to qualify for the Certification.

Here are my career goals:

* Achieve a CISO position within the next 10 years (currently have 8 years experience in Information Security)
* Achieve a CIO position within the next 20 years (I will be in my 50s).

I feel that in order to achieve a CIO position (which is a goal of mine within the next two decades), it would be beneficial to have a good business acumen, which may be achieved through the pursuit of an MBA degree.

I will ONLY pursue an MBA program if I am able to receive tuition reimbursement from my employer (since I am still paying off my loans for my Bachelor degree, and I am not willing to take on additional debt for education). There is a strong possibility that I will be able to get tuition reimbursement through my current employer, but I'm not sure what amount would be approved for a semester/term.

After looking at WGU's MBA IT Management program: https://www.wgu.edu/business/master_business_administration_it_degree

I keep finding myself drawn to this program. I feel confident that I could complete it within three terms (18 months) which would cost roughly $9,750.

I have also considered the MBA program at Morehead State University (which has AACSB accreditation), but it would likely cost twice as much and possibly take twice as long to achieve (three years, since I likely would have to take the Pre-requisite courses before enrolling in the Core courses).

If I can get full tuition reimbursement, I will likely go for Morehead's program, but If I can only receive full reimbursement for the cost of WGU's program, I will likely go for WGU's program.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

Education: MS-Information Security and Assurance from Western Governors University, BS-Business Information Systems from Indiana Wesleyan University, AAS-Computer Network Systems - ITT Tech,


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    Great goals and previous accomplishments! I just finished the MBA ITM with WGU... well worth the time and effort/money IMO. The majority of the topics are beneficial and will be beneficial and align with your CIO goals. That being said...since you already have earned MS ISA, what about this as an option? Strategic Management & Planning Certificate | Harvard Extension

    It would be 5 courses versus the 10 you will need to complete with WGU. Of course.. it isn't a degree and holding two masters degrees wouldn't be horrible :) however, the Harvard "core" courses would cover...

    KEY LEARNING OUTCOMESAlign the basic direction and goals of an organization; analyze an environment's social, political, technological, economic, and global factors; evaluate industry and market structure; and assess organizational strengths and weaknesses.
    Understand the essentials of business management in a global economy, such as corporate responsibility and ethics; organizational efficiency; and decision-making frameworks for competing strategic priorities.
    Leverage knowledge in corporate sustainability strategy, human resource management, strategic resource allocation, crisis management, and marketing management.

    Just a thought... passing it on. :)

    If you have any questions about the MBA ITM in particular... let me know.. glad to help.

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    Looking forward to your thread. I'm planning on either the MBA IT or the MSITM.
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