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Pretty basic...

How much more difficult is RHSCA than Linux+??

Linux+ is part of the WGU program so I am thinking, if I'm able to acquire the Linux+ within a decent time frame will it be possible to acquire the CCNA and RHSCA at the same time? I should have A+ Net+ and Sec+ within the first few months.
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    Linux+ is not focused on a particular distribution of Linux and has very little "hands-on" questioning. The RHCSA exam is completely hands-on and requires a bit more mastery of the typical Linux system administration tasks that you would encounter in a business setting. I would recommend waiting until your degree is finished, then focus on attaining the RHCSA certification.
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    Seems very optimistic to me. CCNA and RHCSA at the same time rapidly--both alone are a bit like trying to sprint a marathon. And at the same time--that's like learning French and Spanish at the same time. More than I could handle. Maybe over a solid 1-year period. CCNA took me 6 months and that was all I focused on. I'm working on LFCS, which is very similar to RHCSA, but giving it minimum 6 months as well.

    As far as the difference between Linux+ and RHCSA, One example scenario for say, SELinux and IPTables:
    Linux+: What are SELinux and IPTables for? Answer this multiple choice question/fill in the blank about some detail involving these two topics: ______.
    RHCSA: Login and configure SELinux to enforce mode. Configure IPTables to filter traffic to these certain rules ____.
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    Actually RHCSA is not that hard if you use RHEL or CentOS on a daily basis, even easier than multiple choice because you don't need to remember lots of trivia and have man pages on hand. RHCE is whole another story, but for RHCSA you'd be good by following Jang's book and just using the system.
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    I would say in order to learn all the linux commands, there is hands on. But yes, Red hat is more scenario and practical.
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    I think gkca is spot on. I think the RHCSA is on a par with LPIC-1, the only difference is the format of the exam. With the inclusion of man pages on the RHCSA, I took mine last month, it really can help you out of a sticky situation especially if you know the command but not the switches. Also, you can try the commands as many times as you need until you get it right but with the LPIC-1, you only get one answer. Often you are caught between two very similar answers and end up having to guess which one is correct. As an exam, I found the LPIC-1 much more challenging!

    The main reason why I would recommend the LPIC-1 is that the RHCSA has a domain competency called Essential Commands, these will all be covered by the LPIC and allow you time to get familiar with the basics of the RHCSA which, in turn, will allow you the extra time to concentrate on its more challenging aspects. (I still struggle with ldap authentication)
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    As Zesty said, i think the RHCSA is on par if not slightly harder than the LPIC-1. RHCSA does include some more specific Red Hat related features where as LPIC covers more features across multiple distributions. However one thing i would mention in regards to actually learning RHCSA, studying for me was far more effective and required me to be more hands on, which in turn allowed me to to put it into "real life" scenarios. All of it is valuable, but it seems most companies use RHEL of some sort. As for studying CCNA and RHCSA together, might be worth calming it down and taking one at a time, if these were easy everyone would have them right? Good Luck!
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