Which certification for sys admin?

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I just completed my bsc It and applied for interviews but they want more knowledge for desktop support or sys admin.so as a fresher what is correct path for sys admin like mcsa or mcse .and what do I do meanwhile certification and also do I need ccna .pls tell path for sys admin.job need 2 year of exp so what do I do for it.no job availability in India.


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    If someone has a Bsc in IT... why does this person need A+ or Network+?
    I consider these certs pretty basic and someone who has a Bsc in IT should not need them... correct me if i'm wrong :)

    I'd go straight for an MCSA of your choice. If you want to do desktop support, go for MCSA Win 10, for server go for MCSA Server 2016.
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    Thanx soon much guys!this means a lot.
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